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CPC – acronym for Contemporary Production Centre is the result of a closely woven web of connections and activities that in three suburban areas (compared to the bigger city centres) have managed to create so to redefine, during our time, a sense of culture associated to identity as well as a cultural sense combined with production.

The Centers

Centro Studi Dante Bighi
Dante Bighi Study Centre

The Dante Bighi Study Centre is placed within a "Villa" built in 1963 by homonymous graphic artist and advertising expert Dante Bighi. In the "factory" International Style and romanticism coexist.

Via Marino Carletti 108
44034 Copparo
Ferrara (FE)
Tel. +39 0532 861339

Casa Museo Remo Brindisi
Remo Brindisi's Museum House

Remo Brindisi's Museum House is placed within a residence near Lido di Spina where the interior was designed by Nanda Vigo to house the contemporary art collection of Remo Brindisi.

Via Nicolò Pisano, 45
44024 Lido di Spina
Comacchio (FE)
Tel. +39 0533 318748 / 318704

Torri dell'Acqua
Torri dell'Acqua

The important Cultural Centre of Torri dell'Acqua is to be found within the redevelopment area of the water works in Budrio. The towers develop innovative activity for the cultural world and local entrepreneurship.

Via Benni, 1
40054 Budrio
Bologna (Bo)
Tel. +39 051 801205